“Good Dog” Unlimited Manners Class

When: Monday January 7, 2019 for 6 weeks

 We will be offering puppy classes on Monday at the YWCA. Please contact us if you are interested in puppy classes!!!


                   14 Clayton Ave

                  Cortland NY 13045

PARK:  You can park on the side in the public parking lot

TIME:   6:00 Level I class, puppies, adolescent, rescue dogs, etc. No dogs for the first class

               7:00 Level II Must complete Level I to attend Level II

FEE:     GDU Manners Level I  $130.00 – No dogs the first night

              GDU Manners Level II  $115.00 – Bring dogs first night


WHY:   To build a life-time relationship. Socialize. Train. Have fun!!  Resolve potential problems before they are serious!!

WHAT:  To bring? You and your dog on a 6′ leash.  (No flexileads or pinch collars please)

                 High value treats. ( This will be discussed in the first night of class).

If you are having trouble with signs of aggression please speak with Bev prior to class. A class environment may not be suitable at this time for your  dog. This would need to be addressed on a private basis with the hopes of preparing both of you for a class environment in the future. Symptoms of aggression may include growling, snarling, snapping, lunging. etc. If at this time it seems minor, please call. Minor problems most of the time turn into major problems and families face very difficult situations if these are not addressed early. We have a much better chance of resolving problem when the dog is young. Do not wait until the dog finally bites. The longer the behavior is practiced the more difficult it is to change.

Registration form on the top left of this page. Please fill it out and send a check made payable to Good Dog Unlimited.

Your check will hold your spot in class. Classes are filling quickly. Please get your registration form in as space is limited

to 5 in Manlius and 7 or 8 in Cortland.

No dogs the first night of class IF you have not gone through a class with Bev and Lin.

Great chance to build a new relationship with your four footed family member. Classes provide a controlled environment for socialization,

exposure to life outside of your home, and training opportunities for the whole family. We try to have a portion of class devoted to playtime

each week. Bev and Lin will be evaluating the dogs when they come in. Class play time may be broken up into small groups. If you have a dog

you are concerned about getting along with others please let Bev know!

Topics covered in class will be socialization, developing relationship with your dog, teaching basics like come,

walking under control, sit, down, leave it, etc.

Bev will be happy to work with you outside of a class situation for those that feel class is not appropriate for their dog. Classes provide many

humans and dogs needs, but some need one on one attention with the hopes of maybe attending class in the future. Class is not for all dogs.

Look forward to meeting you and your furry friend soon.





Training/Behavior Modification


Communication is the key factor in building a reliable relationship with your canine companion. Bev strongly recommends that your entire family become involved in understanding your dog’s behavior, because it will enhance the development of a solid relationship. Bev specializes in aggression issues and puppy training.  She offers private consultations at your place or hers. She also teaches obedience classes in Cortland and Manlius. She emphasizes positive motivational reward methods. Choke, pinch or shock collars are not used. Enjoy your dogs cooperative behavior through a fun, loving, and learning environment.  Please visit Bev’s training website at

Luke with his new friends at the horse show on a down stay. He is a 6 month old Beauceron puppy. Luke was staying at the “Wag” Side Inn for 2 weeks of training. Field trips are a regular component to Bev’s individualized comprehensive training program.

Now, this is what obedience classes should be all about! Who cares about sit and stay?

“We sure are learning a lot in obedience class!” says Pepper and Darcy. Socializing is an integral part of your dog’s maturation process. As your dog learns to communicate with other dogs it opens up a new level of communication with you. All you have to do is learn how to speak dog!


  1. Lisa Lassey says:

    I am inquiring into when your next training session in Cortland might be and if there are any spots left?

    Thank you!


    • Bev Warner says:

      Hi Lisa,
      We have been having problems with our website and haven’t gotten our messages until now. We are at the end of our winter obedience classes in Cortland. We will be starting classes here at the Inn in April. Would you be interested in joining us then? Our classes in Cortland won’t start back up again until fall. Bev is also available for private lessons.
      Thank you,

  2. Hannah Kinney says:

    We have a German Shepherd puppy that would love some training! When is your next available training?

    • Bev Warner says:

      Hi Hannah,
      We have another class starting November 8th. If you are interested please contact us at 607-842-6990.
      Thank you,