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‘There is no doubt that The Wagside Inn is truly a premiere place to send your pets. It’s been over 10 years since I first brought my dog to The Wagside Inn and I would never leave her anywhere else. We describe it as a “Camp for dogs”.  Bev and Tim are the consummate Inn keepers. They are caring and professional. Bev is always up to date with new alternatives regarding nutrition and gives us wonderful advice on behavioral training for our pet. Wagside is our dog’s “home away from home”.’

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  1. Cathy says:

    Let me just start by saying if it wasn’t for Bev, my beautiful Border Collie (Kaycee) would have probably been put to sleep. I adopted her from the humane society 3 1/2 years ago not realizing the depth of her aggression toward strangers. Of course, being the exceptionally smart girl she is, Kaycee was all sweetness with me when I met her! The first two trainers we went to for help with this behavior suggested I have her put down or take her back to the humane society so they could do it. Luckily, the second trainer knew Bev and recommended her kennel when I mentioned I had to go away and couldn’t leave her with anyone because she was too much to handle for most. I was also told she was a trainer and had a lot of experience with aggressive dog behavior. After my first phone conversation with Bev and for the first time since adopting Kaycee, I actually felt hope for us. She was attentive, asked the right questions, patient, and even funny. No doubt she heard the stress in my voice! When we first met Bev, I expected the typical Kaycee aggressiveness, but was shocked when Kaycee walked in and slowly made her way toward Bev as she ate up the treat trail Bev had laid down. Within one minute, Kaycee was loving on Bev. Over the course of the next six months, Kaycee and I traveled to Cuyler for training, more often at the beginning, and Bev was on my speed dial for those times I needed a pep talk. What I learned quickly was the training was more for me than Kaycee! I have to be honest, in the first year of having Kaycee, I would have given her up to a really good Border Collie savvy home because she was a lot of work and I was stressed. Now, 3 1/2 years later, I am in love with this Border Collie and there is no way I would give her up! Bev told me from the get go Kaycee would never be perfect, but she could be made more reliable if I was willing to do the work. We did do that and we did it with love and praise, not punishment. Bev was and still is worth the one hour 15 minute drive from my house. Kaycee adores Bev, as do I!