In-Home Boarding

wagside inn in home boardingWe encourage clients with puppies, seniors or dogs with health/behavioral issues to consider our in-home boarding. Yes, that’s right! Your dog can stay in our home with us while you are away!

Clients who choose in-home boarding for their puppies will have the advantage of continued house training. We extend our in-home boarding to adult dogs in a climate controlled room. Each dog has his or her own den according to size. These dogs have access to two large fenced play yards. Our in-home boarding provides a safe, monitored environment for socialization, which is a dog’s basic need. Many of our clients enjoy this unique opportunity for their dogs to socialize, exercise and have fun. We evaluate every dog, placing them in groups according to personality and size. Safety is of utmost importance. Of course, your dog’s participation in this playtime happens only with your permission. Some dogs prefer to be alone but they still receive plenty of playtime. Groups are let out separately on a rotational basis starting at 7am. Dogs maintain the same feeding schedules as they do at home. If they are under veterinary care and medication is required, these schedules are also maintained.


Our kitchen guests, who are mostly senior citizens and/or special needs dogs have a closely monitored environment to ensure their needs are met. Medications are given in a timely fashion, meals are monitored closely, and lots of love and attention are given to our special guests.



While enjoying the comforts of the kitchen special diets can be prepared for your senior citizens or special needs dogs.

One of our favorite in home boarders, Stella, playing with Lonnie. Lonnie has worked for Wagside for over 17 years and still stops in frequently to visit.