The most important question is:

Does my dog need a kennel cough vaccine and WHEN do I get it?



1.  What should I bring for my pet during their stay?

Food, labeled with name and instructions.

Medications, labeled with name and instructions IN ORIGINAL BOTTLE FROM THE PHARMACY OR VETERINARIAN.

Optional items:

1 Toy, labeled. Most everyone likes to play with each other when here.

1 Blanket, labeled on corner.

Occasionally, doggie thieves are amongst us! Fortunately, we haven’t made any arrests. Sometimes, a dog’s toy or bed ends up with the neighboring thief or ripped by a great game of tug of war. Items occasionally, get misplaced by the humans too. We are trying to minimize this by cutting back on belongings. Please bring items from the list. Thanks for your cooperation. We would like to keep the arrest record to a minimum.

2.  Is anyone there caring for my pet on holidays?

Absolutely! Bev, Tim, and our entire staff  are caring for our fuzzy friends around the clock. We are not open to the public on the holidays as Bev and Tim like to make sure the staff gets to spend time with their families. The holidays are always busy here and we never have a day off. Thanks for understanding that we are closed to the humans only 7 days/year.

3.  Can your dog receive their medication/vitamins?

Yes, dogs need their medications. We encourage you to bring medications and instructions. A chart is made for each type of medication.  The caregiver administers the medication and initials the chart. This is run just like an animal hospital to ensure we don’t forget, over, or under dose.

4.  Is there heat/air conditioner at the Wagside Inn?

Our state of the art boarding facility has radiant heat in the floors and is air conditioned as well. Please see our INN page on the website.

5.  Are there beds for my pet to use?

We have comforters, sleeping bags, blankets, Kuranda and Perl-a-beds for your dogs comfort. Everyone gets something warm and cozy to lay on. Some of our fuzzy friends like to rip and chew these up, SO… if you have some extra bedding you don’t use any more, please send it our way.

6.  What do you do if there is a fight among the dogs?

The dogs are evaluated on size and personality. We closely supervise introduction of new dogs into a carefully selected group.  We know within a short time if this interaction will work or not. We then make adjustments accordingly. There is rarely a dog fight at the Wagside, but we ensure our play groups are supervised so any fighting will be broken up immediately.

7.   Can my dog escape over the fence?

Dogs are amazing creatures. If they have the desire to do something, many of them will find a way to fulfill that desire. Can I say that your dog could not escape? No, we can’t.  However, I will tell you that every precaution is taken to ensure this does not happen. Our fencing is heavy duty gauge, and is 6′ high. We have 1-2 feet of fencing buried in the ground and wire that leans in at the top of the fence.

We have large play yards at the Wagside.  The dogs love to run and play with each other. They don’t have the desire to jump the fence or dig under because they are having fun! Again, our play time outside is always supervised.

We do have special provisions for the escape artists of the world. We can hand walk them through our acres of wooded trails.  We also have four covered outside runs so the dogs cannot escape over the top.

“Wag”side Inn ensures the safety of our guests. Over the years we have encountered many unusual situations. We feel our set up now is safe and enjoyable for all of our four footed friends.

8. Can my dog get sick while staying at the “Wag” Side Inn?

Yes, they can. Anytime your dog comes in contact with other dogs there is the possibility of catching something contagious. Does this mean you should never allow your dog with others? NO!! Dogs are social animals just like us. We go to work or school and occasionally pick up a “bug.”  This can happen to your dog as well. It doesn’t always mean the boarding facility has done something wrong. Did someone do something wrong the last time you caught a cold?

Immune systems tend to break down when someone is stressed. For some dogs going anywhere is a stressful situation. Here at the “Wag” Side Inn, we address the emotional state of the dog and try to help them in every way possible.  For example, if we have a dog that is fearful, we will spend time with this dog to help them overcome their fears. We might take them for a walk, or play with them in our playroom. Some dogs bounce out of the fearful mode once they have had a chance to get out and play with other dogs. Each time we walk by them we will give yummy treats and spend a couple of minutes with them. We suggest allowing your dog to stay overnight once before you are traveling. We then can give you a report on how well your dog did. Your suggestions are helpful as you know your dog better than we do.

9. How often are the dogs let outside?

The dogs go out a MINIMUM of six times a day into spacious, fenced-in yards.  We begin letting the dogs out by 7 am and routinely let them out throughout the day. We let the dogs out for the last time around 8 pm. While the dogs are outside, they have plenty of supervised play time. At the end of the day, most everyone is tired! Everyone sleeps better including the humans!

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