Extra Services

Pickup & Delivery Service

Our “Wag”mobile can transport your dog safely and conveniently. Please let us know the size of your dog, so we can plan accordingly.

Your pet’s chauffeur, Tim, making door to door pick ups and deliveries in our “Wag” mobile.

Tim has over 25 years experience in dog care and behavior and he is able to give your dog the best possible care while safely delivering them to and from our “Inn”. This service is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please call for area coverage and cost.


Uncle Tim bringing home a new friend.


No pictures today please! I’m having such a bad hair day!


SPA DAY FOR THE 4 FOOTERS! Who doesn’t like a day at the Spa?

Whether it’s full breed grooming or just a bath and pedicure – we can do it! Our entire staff is trained in bathing and pedicure procedures. Our groomers offer a non-stressful atmosphere by taking their time, playing background music and rewarding with yummy treats. Your dog will enjoy our “low stress” grooming environment.

14088400_1181346961932030_6774699426797484038_nTank getting bathed, blow dry and his nails  trimmed.

Doggie Day Care

Bring your furry friends for a play date! We will be able to match your dog to one or more playmates while they are here. The dogs enjoy play time in one of our spacious fenced in yards and often go home tired from playing with their buddies! Doggie day care is a great way to socialize your dog.











If you are interested in learning more about the nutritional benefits of a raw or natural diet for your dog, Bev is available to answer questions and to share her knowledge of these diets. We can offer your dog a raw or natural diet while they are here, for a small additional charge.

1. Does it take a lot of work to make a natural diet?
2. I don’t cook for myself, do I have to cook for my dog?
3 How do I know a natural diet will be best for my dog?
4. Do I have to give raw meat and fish?
5. Is a natural diet balanced?
6. Will a natural diet make my dog healthier?
To answer any of these questions please contact Bev at 607-842-6990 or 315-247-2417
Let’s get back to basics. Many years ago the family dog ate what the family had for dinner. At that time grains were grown in better soil, the use of antibiotics was minimal, hormone injections were unheard of, over use of preservatives wasn’t an issue, therefore, food was much healthier and so were our dogs!!!
Today’s dog food is made of the bottom of the barrel scraps that are swept off the floor in the rendering plant. These “meats” ( I use the terms very loosely) combined with chemical flavoring, dyes, fillers, salt, and chemical preservatives doesn’t make a very healthy diet. This is what the dog food sold in grocery stores is made of. The equivalent of this for humans would be to eat from fast food restaurants daily with out any other nutrition! Many of you may eat fast food, but most of you don’t eat it every day!
Poor diet, combined with over use of chemical flea and tick control, and over vaccinating promotes very unhealthy dogs. This is why we are seeing so many cases of cancer as well as compromised immune system disorders in our beloved furry friends.
Why a natural diet? Why wouldn’t you want to make your best friend as healthy as he/she can be for as long as you can?
The answer to #6 is YES!!!!!!


Those humans think a hot tub is good. They should try this!!

While attached to long lines, your dog can enjoy a romp through the fields, take a swim in the pond, wade in the stream, hike down the Finger Lakes hiking trail, or go cross country skiing in the winter. Your dog won’t want to miss out on these outdoor adventures!

While out hiking the trails I decide to try one of the natural mud baths offered at the “Wag”Side Inn. Do you think it makes me look younger?

No, it’s not Zues and Apollo from Magnum PI. It’s Bracken and Honus, our dogs, enjoying a portion of our non-fenced yard.

Feline Friends and Exotics

Our spacious playroom offers non-canine friends playtime, relaxation, and lounging in our deep window sills. Kitty condos have all the amenities for a comfortable visit including catnip, scratching posts, lounging shelves, water and lots of love. Please remember to bring their food, medication in the original bottle from the vet and instructions.

The kitty condos have all the amenities one could need, but I really like this box.

Do you suppose Santa left me anything under the tree in the playroom?

We welcome all exotics which include birds, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. You’ll need to bring food and habitat with instructions regarding care.